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It’s been a long time coming (literally 7 or 8 years), but Johno & Mike have finally pulled their finger out and are taking part in the Shitbox Rally this Spring. Heading to Townsville from Bendigo, we’ll be driving over 3,800km through some of the most remote places on the Australian landscape - think Milparinka, Innamincka, Betoota. Did we mention we’ll be doing the drive in a shitbox worth less than $1500? All in the name of charity.

The Shitbox Rally is the largest community led fundraiser for the Cancer Council in Australia and is now in its 14th year. Since the inception of the Shitbox Rally, it’s raised over $42 million dollars. The Cancer Council uses these funds to conduct research studies across all cancers and all stages of the cancer journey. As well as world leading research, the Cancer Council provides a range of support services for all people, affected by all cancers, across every state and territory.

Participating teams have to raise a minimum of $5,000 but most teams raise well above this amount - the overall 2024 Spring Rally target is set at $2,000,000 plus - which is where you all come in.

Driving a car through the desert is easy, fundraising is the hard part, so any donation you can give is greatly appreciated. You can donate here, and all donations are tax deductible. These funds go to Cancer Council and we are extremely proud to be doing our part to support such a worthy charity.

If you are a business and would like to extend your support further and sponsor our team, please reach out to either of us for options, including advertising on our car and digital media.

Please make sure to follow our progress via this page and the blog post below. We’re doing this for everyone in our lives that cancer has touched, and for those we’ve lost along the way.


Mike & Johno

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Shitbox Rally is the adventure of a lifetime challenging participants and their cars, worth no more than $1,500, on a 7 day drive across Australia to raise money for cancer research.

The rally is not a race – it’s a fun, colourful, unpredictable adventure with participants travelling at their own pace in smaller groups. Vehicles often break down but “we never leave anyone behind” and each night is spent camping beneath the stars and celebrating the day’s achievements. It all adds up to an incredible opportunity to see Australia’s vast and beautiful countryside and make lifelong friends, many brought together after experiencing cancer themselves or seeing cancer impact family and friends.

Since it’s inception the rally has been the largest fundraiser for the Cancer Council nationally.

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raised: $625,646
target: $2,000,000
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4 months ago
Southern Discomfort
Anonymous gave $20.00.
Good Luck xx
4 months ago
Southern Discomfort
Wendy Douglass gave $100.00.
4 months ago
Southern Discomfort
Dean & Fiona Drummond gave $50.00.
Travel safe, but fast guys!
4 months ago
Southern Discomfort
Emma Shaw gave $30.00.
Good luck and have fun!
3 months ago
Southern Discomfort
D2N - Technology Solutions gave $100.00.
What could possibly go wrong :)
3 months ago
Southern Discomfort
Cameron Hinton gave $20.00.
Have a great drive!!
3 months ago
Southern Discomfort
Melanie Gibbons gave $50.00.
3 months ago
Southern Discomfort
Dean Parkins gave $200.00.
All the best Mike and crew from Henrietta and Dean.
3 months ago
Southern Discomfort
Mikes Exhusband gave $50.00.
This donation is because you agreed you’d do the whole trip in a mankini
3 months ago
Southern Discomfort
Anonymous gave $100.00.
We can't wait to see how badly this goes. K & A
1 month ago
Southern Discomfort
Peter Ingram gave $50.00.
1 week ago
Southern Discomfort
Tienda gave $50.00.
Go hard!
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The Impact, Outcomes & Charity

Shitbox Rally is a dedicated fundraising event for cancer research with funds going to Cancer Council.

Cancer Council is one of the largest non-government funders of cancer research in Australia. We conduct and fund research studies across all cancers and all stages of the cancer journey.

Thanks to the community funds raised such as Shitbox Rally we can fund world-class research that reduces the impact of cancer for everyone.

$41 million over the past 13 years has been raised by Box Rallies to date, supporting ground-breaking projects such as:

  • A research study to develop a vaccine that protects against lymphoma cancers.
  • A research trial to standardise international guidelines on melanoma removal.
  • A research grant to revolutionise the treatment of pancreatic cancer.

These projects wouldn’t be possible without your support.